Divine J9 Energy Healing offers a unique combination of Reiki, chakra + crystal healing for optimal holistic results. Each session is conducted by a Certified Reiki Master + tailored to your specific mind/body/spirit needs.
Are you tired of being sick + tired? Feeling out of sorts? Dealing with the loss of a loved one, divorce or breakup? Battling dis-ease? Are you ready to raise your energy to new heights?
Contact us today to clear energy blocks, release pain + detox your soul!

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Reiki is a form of hands on healing, with its origins in India + the East dating back many thousands of years to the time before Christ + Buddha. The original name, disciplines + techniques of Reiki were lost due to the traditional method of passing knowledge from generation to generation by word of mouth. Exactly when this ancient art of healing disappeared is difficult to determine. However, we do know that it was rediscovered by a Japanese scholar + monk named Dr. Mikao Usui. It was in fact Dr. Usui who fashioned the name Reiki.
Reiki is a two syllable Japanese word meaning universal life force. Although the proper Japanese pronunciation is RYE-KEY, it has been westernized to RAY-KEY. Rei means universal, omnipresent – present everywhere at the same time. Esoterically Rei means spiritual consciousness, the omniscient wisdom from God or the higher self. Ki is the non physical vitality that gives life to all living things. Many cultures understand + recognize the importance of Ki energy + how it impacts our lives + well-being.
The Reiki practitioner gently places her hands on or above the client’s body + channels healing energy to remove energy blocks + restore balance in the mind, body + spirit. Reiki is a powerful energy healing modality that is both gentle + incredibly effective for restoring optimal health. Reiki intuitively works on the level that needs healing the most.
Our bodies are made up of Ki, or life force energy. Life force energy runs through energy centers + pathways in the body called meridians + chakras. Ki also flows outside + around the body within the aura. Reiki facilitates the movement of Ki to maintain a healthy flow of energy. Ki energy can be activated for the purpose of healing. When you feel healthy + full of enthusiasm, the flow of Ki energy in your body is high + unencumbered. Life seems easier to deal with + you have a higher resistance to illness + disease. However, when your Ki energy is low because maybe you are under stress or feeling unhappy + tired you will be more susceptible to disease + sickness. Your attitude will be generally negative + you will find it difficult to deal with life’s challenges. Ki is the very essence of the soul; it leaves the body when a person dies.
Single Session
60-minute Reiki Session (in person* or via phone)
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Two 60-minute Reiki Sessions

Four 60-minute Reiki Sessions

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*We are located at 6925 3RD AVE, BROOKLYN NY 11209 in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn (near Park Slope, Sunset Park, Fort Hamilton, Bensonhurst). In person sessions include complimentary aromatherapy. Call (917) 310-9659 to book a session today.

**Booking Policy: A major credit card is required to hold your reservation. Appointments may be cancelled or rescheduled with 24 hours advance notice, or payment in full will be charged.
A healthy body gives rise to a healthy spirit. A healthy spirit restores the body. The two work hand-in-hand supporting each other.
Dis-ease is often a combination of energetic + nutritional imbalance. In addition to Reiki, we highly recommend consuming a wide variety of fruits + veggies for holistic synergy.
For a simple way to add a wide variety of "better than organic" fruits + veggies to your diet, go to VEGGIFY.com.
"J9 is a brilliant healer!!! I have been to many. I cannot recommend her enough. I've been to see her many times and her work has changed my life. I was diagnosed with PTSD and could not move past these blocks from trauma until I met her. I feel completely renewed, energized, more in touch with my gift and powers. I feel really powerful having her in my life. She has forever left an imprint and a great impression on me. She is a wonderful and generous spirit. I think she is an angel incarnate. She has a great gift, and it's a great gift to know her. Please do yourself a favor and see her!"
"This was my first Reiki session ever, and we actually did it over the phone. J9 cleansed all of my chakras, one by one, and I had a few interesting experiences during the session. After the session, my energy was clear, unified, and buoyant. I'll definitely be back!"
""At my second session which was in person, I "real eased" A LOT, including from two past lives. J9 cleared blocks from my heart chakra, including any residual money blocks, and I saw colors which changed when she worked on corresponding energy centers. When my heart chakra was cleared, my heart area felt so large like I couldn't even contain it, it was so bursting and wide open. At the end of the session, I felt a powerful rush of sensation from my midsection down my legs and out through my feet, which J9 explained later was my chakras realigning. And then I felt energetically clean, calm and fully at peace. If something's holding you back and you're not quite sure what it is, come see J9--she'll straighten you right out with her loving healing. Can't wait to come back! ❤️"

"I am not very active on social media but after 3 sessions with J9 I could no longer resist the urge to write this review! In such a short amount of time J9 has become, by far, one of my favorite people! Upon meeting her, I could immediately tell her healing powers were strong and her energy (and smile) instantly brighten my day.

She's helped me release old emotions that no longer serve me, as well as blocks and negative energy that were holding me back from being the best version of myself. I have never felt better - my spirit is lighter, I feel more energetic, less anxious and all around more vibrant.

The studio is serene and filled with such positive energy that it instantly helps me to relax, allowing J9 to work her magic. I simply cannot say enough good things about her and her skills. I am very grateful to have found her!"

"Divine J9 has a Divine gift! As a healer and intuitive she shines when she is doing sessions... you can feel that she LOVES what she does.

I felt a great shift (and I am still feeling the benefits) after my phone session a few days ago. Her breathe work made me feel I was breathing as the ocean does and never left me thru out the full hour session. Her voice guided me thru forgiveness and releasing events and people that no longer serve me. At one point I broke out laughing as I felt like the witch in the wizard of Oz as she melts and nothing left but the "Red Shoes." Her use of crystal energy also adds a high vibration to her talents.

I highly recommend her energy sessions without a doubt and look forward to gifting a friend in the near future. Thank you!"

"I had an amazing healing session! I really can't wait to go back. This was my first (real) reiki/crystal healing; I left feeling refreshed, aligned (chakras), and rid of all that no longer serves me."

"J9 has been a good friend of mine since our first meeting over a decade ago, so when she offered to help me to work through some painful emotions remotely (I live on west coast) I was excited because I knew her energy was powerful and loving!

I have to say, even with such high expectations going in, I was blown away by the impact that she was able to make with just one session!

Angels do walk among us and J9 is one of them!!"

"I would recommend this woman to anyone at anytime. I was feeling a bit off nothing super crazy just needed a cleansing. Having gone to many different reiki people over the years I feel I'm well versed in them, J9 was amazing the best one I've had by far. She not only helped clear out all my gunky energy, but also talked me through it and told me what to do to help keep the energies unblocked. It made me feel not only more comfortable, but more knowledgeable each time I go. I can't tell you how much I recommend her as now I am a solid client!"

"I had two healing sessions so far and I am ready for my third. The first encounter was an amazing one. I was guided in letting go of things that were blocking me from beginning my journey to becoming a better me. The second session was even better; with her helping me relax and meditate I was able to astral travel for the first time not even trying to do so. My mother also had a session and she was amazed. We both can not wait to go back!"

"She is the real deal! My neck and shoulder pain and tension is gone. She works on all different levels to help you release old emotions and blocks. She comes from a sincere and pure heart and makes you feel comfortable from the start. I would recommend her to anyone who wants to get to the next level of health and well-being."

"It was my first time with Reiki and I didn't know what to expect. J9 was professional and I found the hour relaxing. Comfortable space. What I didn't count on was feeling super centered and energetic for the next few days. Amazing!"
"Great experience and excellent consumer service. Everyone should try Divine J9 Energy Healing and gain the experience. I will definitely come back again."





Our Reiki sessions begin by assessing your current state of being + intention for healing. Breath work + a guided meditation establish grounding. Reiki is performed while you are fully clothed on a massage table. The practitioner will lightly place her hands on or above your body to facilitate the flow of Reiki. Additional healing techniques, such as the use of crystals, may be used during the session. Afterwards, we will discuss your healing experience + recommend additional resources to help you maintain a healthy, balanced energy.
Every person has a unique experience during a Reiki treatment. Most clients report feeling extremely relaxed, at peace + safe. It is common for individuals to experience a range of emotions as stored negative energy is healed + released from the body + aura (this may include giggling or crying). Physically, clients may feel 'hot’ or ‘cold’ energy from the practitioner's hands. As the body relaxes + shifts back into its natural state of health + vitality it is common for recipients to experience muscle twitching, involuntary muscle jerks or tingling sensations.
Reiki healing continues AFTER the session is complete. As your vibrational level rises, energetic shifts may continue to be experienced the following days, weeks or months. We welcome any calls or questions after your session. When a client participates in their healing process with intention + conscious change, Reiki treatments will facilitate profound levels of healing.
Reiki aids in healing + alleviating a wide spectrum of health issues. Adding Reiki to your healing regime will improve the results of any medical treatment + reduce negative side effects of chemotherapy, medications + surgery. Reiki, in addition to professional mental health services, facilitates profound healing for emotional trauma. Using Reiki will help ease the emotional upheaval often caused by major life changes such as birth/death of a loved one, loss or gain of employment, relocation, marriage/divorce or break ups, diagnosis or reoccurrence of cancer or disease.
Physical Ailments* Emotional + Spiritual Issues*
  • Chronic pain
  • Sciatica
  • Migraines, sinusitis
  • Arthritis, back pain
  • Sports injuries, sprains, breaks
  • Post surgery recovery
  • Side effects of chemotherapy
  • Infertility
  • Morning sickness
  • Anxiety, depression
  • PTSD
  • Stress
  • Insomnia
  • End of life care + transition
  • Spiritual or personal development
*Please note: chronic illnesses, extreme or repeated traumas, anxiety disorders + the like, often require on-going sessions over a period of time to establish a full clearing.